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loli_ist_krieg's Journal

metalmorphose temps de fille
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This community is open to only the most awesome of awesome people, cos we're raging elitist cunts. Or alternatively, to those who roffle our woffles, cos we're easily entertained like that.

To get in, fill out this questionnaire and paypal £50 to each of the community maintainers. Or just the first part. Make sure you make it fucking metal, otherwise we will tear out your vocal chords and play them like a ukelele. Also, post tits, any tits, or gtfo. They don't need to be yours but that sure helps.

Be sure to put it behind a cut or we will NOT BE HAPPY. Which is totally metal, but also fucking annoying.

1. Name 10 bands that don't suck.
2. Who is moar rori, Varg or Euronymous?
3. What are your thoughts on metal yaoi?
4. Write a paragraph on the relationship between blackest of black metal and nu metal. Make it slashy, slashy and raepy.
5. veilchenblau'S BONUS CYBER HAPPY FUNTIMES ROUND: Dark electro, industrial, futurepop, synthpop or EBM? And which band in particular makes you want to shake your glowsticks? (Or in the case of rivetheads, stomp your boots)
6. Which metal band would you dress in lolita outfits given the chance?
8. Dethklok. Discuss.
9. What is your favorite swear word?
10. Vikings: loli or no?
11. Please give us your opinions on military uniforms. Just because.
12. Would you do the no pants dance with Johan Hegg and/or Simone Simons given the chance?
13. Do you know who Girl Hitler is?
14. Do you care?
15. Is Phoenix/Miles your Phoenix Wright OTP?
16. If so, please to be copypastaing your favorite fanfic or fanart. If not give a valid reason. "They're both straight" is not a valid reason. You just can't handle the idea of men kissing men. And it's canon.
17. What goes through your kvlt mind when you see this: ^_^
18. Is sex with vampires necrophilia? What if they've just eaten? And does fucking a werewolf put you at the same level as Mister Hands and furries?
19. Stalin/Lenin or Stalin/Hitler?
20. What's your favourite type of hair accessory? And how is it metal?
21. MSPaint your vision of the following: "Grim and frostbitten sweet lolita church burnings".
22. Post a pic of your kvlt metal loli style.
23. MSPaint, Photoshop, or otherwise alter the metal image of your choice to increase it's loli quotient. And don't just steal an existing one, cos we know and we will cut you if you do.
24. Would you?
25. Raping or pillaging?
26. Beards. Ladies, do you like 'em,? Men, do you have 'em? Bearded men: Please post pics from several angles.
27. Who would win in a fight between Cristina Scabbia and Andy LaPlegua?
28. Please post any Nazi porn you may have on your harddrive. Communist porn is also acceptable.
29. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
30. Do you have stairs in your house?

To all members, put members only content behind a friends lock.
\m/, ^_^, all over your face, all over your lace, angelic pretty, battle axes, beardiness, beards, beards are teh sexxx, beefy men, being awesome, being kvlt, black metal, blacker than black poodles, blast beats, boobies, bows on battleaxes, brock samson, btssb, bubble tea, church burnings, communazis, communism, corpsepaint, cross dressing toki, crowns, death metal, deflowering maidens, deflowering victorian maiden, dragons, ega, egl, elegant gothic loki, elitism, emily temple cute, english literature, euronymous, faggy powermetal, fairy wish, finland, firewater, floral prints, general awesome-chan, germany, girl hitler, glaciers, grim, gropees, groupies, guns, hairbows, hairy men in brand, hairy women in brand, hating furries, horse drawn carriages, hypermasculinity, i have been blogging!, i sleep on this, i'll pillage your village, ihsahn, innocent world, jane marple, jeremy kyle, jeremy kyle=teh sexxx, johan hegg, land of endless night, large men/tiny women, lol-ita, loli, loli mythology, lolis with guns, lolita, longbows, longships, macros, mallgoths, mana is a whore, mana/entire metal scene, mana/varg, mana: black metal groupie, marcos, meadowood, meine überbooben, metalocalypse, metamorphose, miniature hats, miniature viking helmets, moi meme moitie, mpreg, munkle, necro, necromantica, needs less slash, nonfaggy powermetal, norse mythology, norskebø, norway, norway is awesome!, norwegian black metal scene, not selling out, nuns with guns, panzer unit kawaii, parasols, pearl necklaces, phoenix/miles is soooo canon, pickle! you back!, piercings in funky places, pillaging, pine forests, pitting my mosh on, polka dots, poodles, raep raep raep, ragnarock, ragnarok, rap fans must die, rocking the fuck out, samoth, scandinavia, selling out, sexing you all around, sexing you down, sexing you up, slash fiction, spikes and lace, stab fiction, stompy boots, sugababes, sweden, swedish murder machines, tanks, teefs grow back, the military, tits or gtfo, valhalla, valkyries, varg, victorian maiden, vikingcest, vikings, war chariots, werewolves not anthro, wesker ist krieg, william murderface murderface murderface, winland, wowee, yiff this furry cunts, yous is all cunt, zombies: the dead kind, zombies: the undead kind